Through the barrel of a gun,
piercing eye and brain at once,

the infernal reign shall come,
when Our Lady’s Pontiff dies in haste,
a willing victim for the Holy Cause he pays.

the body deprived by fallen angel of proper wake,
a few years damned for evil’s sake,
the holy corpse usurped, for the success of enemy’s works,
the faithful sob but mankind’s rest applause.

forced to speak blasphemy
and outrage under tyranny,
from the very mouth that begged for God’s salvation,
comes the awful cries of abomination.

its faithful angel having departed,
the lifeless church is freely desecrated,
until the end when succor comes,
from the pure of love shall this evil succumb,
awake the True Pope for his taking,
eternal crown to him, the faithful and true is given.

and finally the body to rest is laid,
amid the sobs and holy cheers,
The Holy Father of the world and the Emperor of their land,
is now united with their Ancestor, the God the Son.

Peace be a Thousand Years!



 Prayer Petition for the Philippines to Saint Michael the Archangel.  Arise o Great Prince of the Heavenly Host, we beseech Thee, protect the Catholic Church in the Philippines against the snares and plans of Her enemies.   O Great Commander of God’s heavenly forces, strike Thy enemies we beg of Thee.  Put fear upon the hearts of them the false preachers  that they may fear Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother and Queen Mary, and their one and only Catholic Church.  May the ground tremble by your God given power, may the edifices they built to glorify their idol, which they use to boast against the Power and Authority of the One and Only True Church  fall upon them and their wickedness. May the ground open up to swallow them and their lies that their evil works may finally end, and together with it may also end the persecution against  Our Holy Mother Church.  Free our nation from all false religions O Faithful One of God we petition Thee. These we ask for the sake of the Catholic Church in the Philippines who suffers so much  on account of the enumerable diabolic attacks from within and from without.  O Great Defender of Mary Our Queen, The Church, and of our True Faith, arise for us Your Little Ones!Arise o Great Prince of the Heavenly Host, we beseech Thee, protect the Catholic Church in the Philippines against the snares and plans of Her enemies.

O Great Commander of God’s heavenly forces, strike Thy enemies we beg of Thee.  Put fear upon the hearts of them, the false preachers, that they may fear Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother and Queen Mary, and that they may bother us, the One True Catholic Church in the Philippines, no more.

May the ground tremble by your God given power, may the edifices they built to glorify their idol, which they use to boast against the Power and Authority of the One and Only True Church fall upon them and their wickedness. May the ground open up to swallow them and their lies that their evil works may finally end, and together with it may also end the persecution against Our Holy Mother Church.

Free our nation from all false religions O Faithful One of God we petition Thee. These we ask for the sake of the Catholic Church in the Philippines who suffers so much on account of the enumerable diabolic attacks from within and from without.

O Great Defender of Mary Our Queen, The Church, and of our True Faith, arise for us Your Little Ones!

Papal Omen

July 23, 2014

“ In a vision I saw, the Holy Father, the one I saw in previous visions as the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima, he was asleep and his right hand was being pulled by what seems to be a black bird, and as this was happening, reptile-like scales started to cover his right hand and arm. And it was said that the enemy will do everything to transform the Last Pope into a reptile-like beast which will be accomplished through an assassination. The Holy Father will offer himself to God and thereafter, it will all come to pass as his ultimate sacrifice.“  

The Gate of Heaven

July 7, 2014

I saw outside the Gate of Heaven a multitude of men and women who were not Catholics but who were said to be “relatively” good during their earthly lives, yet not one of them were allowed into the Kingdom for Saint Michael and Saint Peter defended the entrance with all their might.

And I saw them wander aimlessly into the void, outside the Eternal City, where now and then, infernal creatures snatched them and threw them into the bottomless pit.  

Joseph Ratzinger will return as an uncanonically elected Pope right after the Papal Election of the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Relocation of Rome

June 22, 2014

The Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will be the last Pontiff to reign in Rome. After his pontificate, the center of Christianity will be relocated elsewhere in a place the world least expects. In that nation where the Holy Father and his Bishops will find a new home, there will be a newly crowned King and Queen, where before there was none.  A truly Christian dynasty will reign in that land for a thousand years. The whole world will be ruled by Kings and Queens who are totally dedicated to Christ and His Mother.  The end of the age of democracy and all its satanic subtleties has come and the age of God’s Dynasties will replace it.

Murder in Rome

June 12, 2014

“… Sacrilege, blasphemy and outrage will ever increase under Francis and until the end of Benedict XVI who will return as Anti-pope. The true pope will be in exile during the first half of the coming war. Francis will be murdered by his former allies… Benedict XVI by a mob, the Pope of Fatima by agents of the Anti-Christ.

Thus, from Francis until the end of Anti-christ, three persons will die by murder and one by the Word of God. But lo and behold, only three will be buried !”

“… Rome will reveal (admit) the True Third Secret of Fatima before the next Papal Conclave and Benedict XVI will return as Anti-Pope to challenge the canonically elected Pope. He will die a cruel death in the hands of a mob during the early stages of the great war. The Pope of Fatima will be in exile until the middle part of the great war when he shall return to Rome and restore the Church. After the restoration, the Pope of Fatima will die through an assassination and immediately thereafter, the Anti-Christ will rule the world. The True Church will be scattered and in most places hidden from then onwards, until the return of our Lord and God Jesus Christ…“

The Last Pope

June 9, 2014

“…The Pope of Fatima, after his restoration of the Catholic Church, will be martyred and will become a victim soul. Upon his death, the Anti-Christ immediately takes over.  In this manner shall the whole world be deceived for he shall be taken away in plain view and be replaced by his nemesis in subtle secrecy.

The Pope of Fatima will suffer greatly on account of the disobedience of his predecessors…Through the intercession of Mary, he will return from above to reclaim the Throne of His Lord and Master Jesus Christ from the Anti-Christ…Then he shall rest in peace… and from him shall sprout kings who will rule in Christian peace and prosperity the nation from which he came from and the entire human race… and they shall rule for a thousand years …”

Pope & Victim Soul

May 16, 2014

Having restored the Church he, The Last Pope, will become a victim soul through an assassination; a divine retribution for the grieve sins and disobedience of his predecessors.

The Last Pope – Victim Soul

Having restored the Church, he, The Last Pope, will become a victim soul through an assassination; a divine retribution for the grieve sins and disobedience of his predecessors.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez

By the Power of God, The Last Pope will tame the Dragon and with the latter as his beast will decimate the Red army.  After everything has been restored and according to Divine Providence, the Dragon, through the treachery of his minions, will overpower the Last Pope leading to the Final persecution of the Catholic Church.

Understand that the reign of the True Antichrist will commence upon the death of the Last Pope and will end before he, the Last Pope, is finally buried.  

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The full-fledged War will not occur until after the Pontificate of Francis and right after the election of the Pope of Fatima.  


by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

There will be two popes during the early stages of World War III.  A struggle between  the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima against the Anti-pope will happen as the great war unfolds.

The Last Pope

March 29, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

His allies, threatened by the revelation will betray him.  The Papal Conclave to elect his successor will be most contested but with the intercession of the Blessed Mother, the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will be elected. 

Realizing their defeat, the enemies of the Church, which are well embedded in the Roman Curia, will uncanonically elect their own pope in the person of Benedict XVI.  He will return to rule and mislead many such that he would appear to be the valid pope.  Those whose names are not written in the Book of the Lamb will follow him.

But the reign of the Antipope will be short for immediately there shall follow a most violent revolution which will sweep across his land and all its neighboring nations.  Then he shall find himself a captive of a mob who will bring him to his cruel end.

The Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will return to Rome by the middle of the Third World War, and by the Grace of God he will bring peace and victory to the nations.  He will restore the Church to Her Glory then shall the Antichrist come.

His reign having been preceded by the struggle between the Pope of Fatima and the Antipope, the Antichrist will be animated through the dead body of a Pope, who is a Saint and Martyr of the Church.

From then onwards until the very end, the Church will be hidden, Her faithful children will be scattered again just like in the times of the early Christians. 

As the Day of Our Lord comes, the Church more and more will shine in Perfection and Holiness, but this Glory will remain invisible to those destined for destruction. 

The rest of mankind will deteriorate in spirit. This shall be our fate from the time the Antichrist arrives until the Glorious Return of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ. 

Thus, the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima is the Last Pope.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Antichrist will be animated through the dead body of a Pope who is a Saint and Martyr of the Church.  His reign will be preceded by a struggle between two men, the Pope of Fatima and the Antipope.

Death Row

January 16, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

and the world continues to throw,
not knowing what i really saw,
those stones ago that hurt my soul,
their painful wounds still bleed for you.

but i’ll drink the bitter from the cup,
for all is same without your sap,
until the wine press of your pain,
unlocks the mystery of this chain.

and when alas i have outran,
the haunting memories that long began,
i’ll ascend the lonely hill of condemned men,
and embrace my fate with bowed head and outstretched hands.

see me there when i am  gone,
for when i needed it, love was just a sham,
don’t ever let that lovely face of yours
awake my spirit with a ruse…

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Love, is it?
but how soon have you forgotten,
isn’t a thousand years of waiting
a cheap ransom for our captive love?

isn’t love mightier than time,
and aren’t mountains moved by faith?
but where now is love in this barren mountain
upon which my emaciated spirit rests?

i waited until the last day
and even afterwards beyond it,
and when the sun was gone
i sketched your face in the dark,
yet you never came, you never came,
you left me! you left me!

but I still hear your name with the whistling of the wind,
for it lingers embedded in my heart forever,

here, here, in the abyss of my soul,
your voice continues to echo a thousand thunders,
etching rivers of sorrows, flooded by a million tears,
nourishing the eternal garden of painful memories,

here,  where your absence entwines with time
as it dances unto eternity,
mocking me with its seductive agony,

yet now, that beyond has outlived itself,
I remain forever, your faithful audience.

my love, my love,
why have you forsaken me?

The Promise

January 11, 2014

Mother of God

” .. is the gift of My Immaculate Heart to you,

just serve My Son. ”   - Our Lady

August 1994

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Where Mary is, there I am. For I know, it is for the flower that shines the sun. I cannot catch the light, but I can touch the flower. He who embraces the flower, beholds the light! O if only there is one great flower that can catch all the sun’s light then it shall be said that the sun has totally, through, with and by its very own light, become the flower. Mary is that flower who is everything the Holy Spirit Is!

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

50 years have passed since the dawn of Vatican II, that awful council that opened the Church’s doors to the pilgrims from hell, the fanatics of the Cult of Man.  Today, the Holy Roman Catholic Church faces total annihilation as only a few souls remain spiritually alight, their faith like little candles flickering in an endless sea of spiritual death and darkness. 

I was born in the 1970’s, in the era of the most apocalyptic transformation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and grew up in the Great Age of Decadence, where the spiritual needs of the faithful were nurtured by running priests, singing cardinals, and dancing popes. 

How far have we strayed, for I still cannot see the light over the far horizon?  It is getting even darker as more and more of our brethren’s faith are extinguished. Now every devout Catholic is on his own.  Reinforcement is a hope against hope or so it seems for the heavens are as dark as the deepest seas. We must be in mankind’s darkest moments, navigating the empty expanse of time and space without a clear destination in mind. Can we make it, make it to where?

In the absence of our shepherds and in the midst of our enemies, we make a desperate cry unto Heaven in the hopes that our petitions will pierce through the dark clouds of Divine Wrath, but so too is the howl of fallen men so loud that it thunders a thousand blasphemies unto The Throne of God, darkening the skies even more with the fumes of their infernal rage.

The scattered survivors cling to The Last Known Recourse, The Most Holy Rosary of Mother Mary and The Consecration to Her Most Immaculate Heart. Now the bravest of the bravest stand, this is a fight to the death, a battle between two opposed civilizations.

Meanwhile, here and there, the clergy fall one by one.  They take with them poor souls en masse as they join the horde of the living dead. Heresies abound, sacrilege  perpetuated, outrage glorified,  as men of no faith and love of God ascend our ranks. 

The Dogma of Faith is trod upon but only few dare stand before the assaults against The Holy Mother Church, as if everyone else assents to Her destruction.  So few have kept the faith these days that the meaning of the words “God’s Elect” comes to mind with profound absoluteness.  Indeed, as it is, only those predestined by Divine Providence can survive these diabolic assaults.

I pray O Lord that Thou in Thine Infinite Mercy, grant us Thy Faithful, the Light of Thy Presence, that even though scattered, greatly outnumbered and confused, we may recover ourselves and our fallen brethren, and bring everyone home to the absolute safety and eternal joy of Thy company.  Amen.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

With a certain degree of trepidation, I share my concern about the intentions of Pope Francis, given his official remarks these past few days.

As of this writing, much has been said about Pope Francis’ week-old reign.  Sadly, I yet have to hear from the Pope himself a clear and distinct statement that distinguishes him as a truly Marian Pope and somebody who, whatever it takes, is decided to fulfill the request of Our Lady of Fatima. 

Too early to make an initial assessment?  Not really, considering that His Holiness already made so much an impression as to his mindset in his various appearances. To the wary eyes of a faithful Catholic who is fed up with the tactics of modernist clerics whose competency it is to spread apostasy through vague statements, His Holiness’ seven-day voyage is obviously already on its course to Vatican II’s promise land, the ecumenical paradise of apostates and heretics.

Bear this in mind, in any journey, the slightest deviation of direction, if  left uncorrected in the early stages,  will steer a ship to its doom.  Thus, I cannot understand how a Vicar of Christ, with his Church on the brink of a great catastrophe because of diabolic novelties and innovations, can continue to entertain these same ideas in his speeches, as if he himself is flirting with the prince of darkness.

His Holiness’ statements so far, alludes to him being another modernist and somebody in mutual understanding with existing anti-Fatima clerics deeply embedded in the Roman Curia. I can see that his statements though veiled in simplicity, are well crafted,  and are actually favorable to the modernists and secularized faction of the Church.

We hear him mention Our Lady here and there in his official statements, but unless His Holiness takes a definite and credible turn towards the accomplishment of Our Lady’s request and the condemnation of all the heresies propagating within the Church, then these acts of his will go down in history as mere lip service to God to whom he owes concrete and absolute servitude.

The Pope is rapidly advancing in popularity mainly because of the perceived humility and amiability of His Holiness which we can fairly attribute to his own actions.  

However, in this very critical moment of history, the Holy Father should not be concerned with how many he pleases, or how well he portrays an image of poverty and fraternity. Any hypocrite certainly can and would love to mimic these virtues if only for the adulation of the world.

Rather, he should be solely concerned with the most urgent issue of the day, and that is no other than Our Lady’s request for him, the Pope,  to Consecrate Russia to Her Most Immaculate Heart.

The Pope must put it in his heart to Consecrate Russia now or the world will be doomed very soon. Time is running out indeed.  I don’t think heaven’s patience can be extended for another eight years or so. May God forbid that we witness again another Pope who will repeat the same lame excuse, the alibi of old age and physical frailty.

The Church badly and urgently needs a Pope who will do the job!  No excuses.  Logistics and everything else is not a problem, God will provide these.  The Pope’s willingness to obey- that, ever since, has been our problem!  Yet, that’s the only thing God requires of His Holiness.  A simple and honest to goodness yes from the Pope to Our Lady and Heaven will rain down all forms of Divine Intervention to help his Holiness actualize the required Consecration of Russia.

We pray that the Holy Father will have the strength to do what is right and if however he chooses not to follow Our Lady, may The Divine Providence make the Pope’s intentions clear so that the Faithful will be guided accordingly.

At this juncture, I am reminded of an incident in World War II which I once read.  During America’s bombardment of Japanese held Manila, a man who was running for his life was hit by a large projectile which decapitated him instantaneously.  Yet despite being headless, the rest of his body continued to run for several meters before finally falling to the ground where it quivered and convulsed as if it was wondering, perplexed, or unaware of its fate. 

It is my greatest fear and concern that the Church might end up like the decapitated body of that poor man, for when the Pope leaves Christ, he himself ceases to be Pope, thereby leaving the Church as headless. Or is the Roman Church already that body, headless and damned?  Is it aimlessly wandering, like a headless corpse of a condemned adulteress, with arms outstretched, perhaps hoping and groping to embrace her lover in the fiery depths of hell, yet unconscious of her own consummated damnation?

Of course the Catholic Church, being the One and Only True Church, will never be doomed. Nevertheless,  the horrifying situation in Rome and elsewhere oftentimes make me wonder and ask whether the True Catholic Church has in fact gone into hiding.  For the outrages that have been committed by the visible hierarchy are way beyond the boundaries of human weaknesses.  Are we not in fact living in the times of the antichrist, where devil incarnates manifest themselves beginning from the top as our Lady has prophesied?

But I shall continue my vigil and constant prayer for His Holiness, Pope Francis.

Humanly speaking it is hopeless but God can always grant a miracle.  Please let us pray for the Pope.

The Vanishing Son

March 12, 2013

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

My father whom I truly loved
begot a woman in a foreign land
I said to him I am his son
with him alone I need no one.

But then he loved with all his heart
he shoved me off flying within a pack
and all our servants were told by him
to close the gates of heaven and lock from within

and so I flew to and fro
have no idea what to do
in distant stars, i did not know
i wandered truly through and through

now father’s face is but a mist
in sobbing memories of my sleeps
and often times i can recall
i prayed his name behind a wall

at end of space and tip of time,
i found a world that is all mine
i married here and built there
and made kingdoms rise everywhere

now that am here and really far
i’ll make an image of my scar
though he is now a fading dream
my father’s face I will redeem

The Ancient Guilt

March 12, 2013

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I shall march into hell for a heavenly cause
To free the captives at all cost
And slay all dragons with my sword
as what was stated in ancient words

When alas what’s left is one
I shall arise from being gone
and with my tongue I shall explain
the angel’s guilt, the devil’s pain

For in the twilight of my life
am to admit a crime I did not like
the highest prince was I of the land
before she came and trod upon

And with that last trembling fear
I’ll take a gasp of my last air
to speak of what i did not know
but now forbidden to withdraw

the curse of heaven now is here
upon the apex of my despair
the promised one will she appear
to dry the river of my tears?

The Rock

May 16, 2010

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I am tired of knowing for there is nothing to hold on to. There is nothing more to gain for am so limited that in order for me to acquire more, I must discard so there will be room for more. I have to forget and unlearn so as to learn and remember anew.

I am tired of aspiring, for even the greatest men are defined not by themselves but by the world around them. We are just shadows and no matter how big we become, we will always be delimited by the light that surrounds us – by the very things that we are not!  Like shadows we are known by our boundaries. Like shadows we are nothing, and like nothing we cannot define who we are. The more we glorify our selves, the more we magnify our worthlessness.

I am tired of reading, for the unwritten words overwhelm me like an ambush from in between the lines. And even writing, for sentences tend to enforce a limit to my convictions.

I work to live and live to work, again, and again, and again. Yet, I never get to live my life or make it work.

Knowledge indeed opens my eyes, but only gives me liberty to linger in a universe that already engulfs me, and in the first place isn’t mine.

I am incarcerated in a prison with no doors to smash through, no bars to pass through, and no walls to climb on. Yet, no matter where I go, the infinite void follows me as if I am the center of this universe, making each step the first step of an interminably futile struggle for liberty.

The universe, its lure of freedom, is a vastness of deception. For its emptiness conceals an impermeable chasm that confines me only to my self. Its nothingness even seems to be powerful, for thought it is not conscious of itself, it tends to bend me to its will, as if it has one.

I go to and fro and someday will fade, but nothingness seems to last forever because even if it fades, it will fade unto itself and therefore remains eternally as it is.

I am just a wanderer, totally lost in someone else’s dream, and only The Lord Who dreamt me can understand this dream and save me.

But I do not condemn the world, even though it seems to drown me. I am still the glorious captain of my ship, albeit on its voyage to nowhere, and one who will never curse even the most turbulent sea, for I know, monstrous as they are, it is these waters that keep my ship afloat.

I refuse to lose hope and I keep my vigil faithful. Someday, The Lord Who dreamt me will find me, and He will take me with Him, as He awakens a new Heaven and a new Earth, a new universe where there will be no more sleep.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Can I dream beyond my dream?
Or am I just a wanderer in someone else’s sleep?

Can I still have a little of me to give to you,
even when I have nothing to hold on to?

Where am I and where are you,
when sleepiness fades as the shadows?

Must I never sleep again
for all my dreams fade with them?
Or should I close my eyes
and suffer you go?

Can I give you away
and dream of lies all my waking day?
Or should I put this life to end
so all my dreams come true?

No, I will never let you go.
I’ll keep on dreaming as dreamers do,
until someday,
we will both be in a dream
by only me and you.

A walk in the mist

September 20, 2009

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I am the searcher,
traveling the path that leads to nowhere,
a wanderer caught in a junction where nothing meets.

I am holding on to a dream,
and am fighting for a cause which no one else
has the courage to own…

…all because I believe in a promise that may never have been uttered.

I keep hoping for tomorrow just to survive today,
in a world that is not my home,
smiling and living if only not to die.

I am the searcher..
looking for something which I do not know.
I hope heaven will help me find it,
before I lose me too.


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