by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

After the 1994 vision of Our Blessed Mother, I was drawn to an intense spiritual yearning. I made sacrifices and mortified myself with fasting and prayers. I came to a point in my spirituality when I started to hate sinners because it seemed to me that they were insincere to God. I saw that people were not just ignoring and violating the commandments but that they were also abusing the Divine Mercy being offered to them.

I asked Our Lord why he has not punished the world instead. Then during those times I prayed or felt that way, I would suddenly see Our Lord standing in front of me in a very emaciated condition and wearing a rag torn in shreds. Every time this happens, I would feel a very intense guilt and would prostrate myself before our altar at home and even sometimes in places not appropriate for such acts.

On several occasions, I would ask Him why He tortures me in such way when I sincerely loved and adored Him. I’d ask the Lord why He allowed Himself such treatment and why he shows himself in such manner. Once I said to Our Lord that He didn’t look like God anymore for He was in such a helpless condition, and that He looked more like a slave than a master. His body was bruised all over and I could see blood all over Him. The sight evoked in me the most intense guilt, unspeakable sorrow and anguish. But I didn’t know what to do then.

Often I would prostrate before the altar or wherever I was, for even when I closed my eyes the vision stayed.  And besides, when these visions occurred, I did not want to stand on the same ground as the Lord, for I felt that I should always be below Him. Hence, I felt, that if He was standing on earth then I should be buried underneath the ground or if He was standing on the altar then I should be at least prostrate on the floor.

Then after a long time, Our Lord finally told me that every time I asked for justice or punishment upon sinners, I was in fact demanding for his crucifixion. This was hard for me to accept then. For I thought that I was sincere in serving God and that same sincerity led me to conclude that men were abusing God’s Divine Mercy. So in anguish (May Our Lord forgive me for having done this.) I said to Our Lord that it would have been better if He did not give me eyes because those same eyes made me see what humans were doing to Him and His Divine Mercy.

And the Lord told me that Lucifer and those angels like him had the same complaint before the Throne of God. Our Lord and God Jesus Christ said that angels were not originally against The Most Holy Trinity. The rebellion was rather because The Most Holy Trinity created man, loved him, and forgave his sins.

Those were the hardest times of my life for then I saw an Infinitely Merciful God in contrast to an infinitely abusive mankind. On top of it all, I was told to forgive man and love him. Yet I thought, how can I possibly love those who persecute my God?

And sometimes because of these, I humbly and repentantly admit now and may God forgive me for what I have done, there were times when I felt angrier with God than with the sinners. For always, whenever I felt the urge to condemn men, Our Lord would immediately appear to me in that horribly emaciated condition and enkindling in me a feeling of intense guilt.

Amidst overwhelming anguish, I said to Our Lord; now I have become the worst of all sinners, for I am not only angry with men but is also angry with You My God. Yet, it was my love for You that drove me to wish the condemnation of sinners and now this same love has led me to the worst sin any creature can commit. I am angry with my own Creator. How can this be? Now the greatest sinners are in a better position than I am for surely You will forgive them as it is already obvious. But me, how can I be forgiven for being angry with You? Why did You allow this to happen, Lord?

Later, Our Lord revealed to me that it was His Will that I bear the same burden as that of the angles in heaven when they foresaw the injustice and abuse that God The Creator, would soon suffer from his creatures. This burden of loving and forgiving an abusive and sinful mankind, as revealed to me, was hell for the proudest of angels, for it required of them to swallow their pride and wore a crown of humiliation.

Of course, I chose to obey Our Lord and God Jesus Christ. Admittedly though, that choice was the fruit of a long struggle that lasted for months. The thought of our insincerity towards Our Lord and God Jesus Christ overshadowed me for quite some time.

When the Pope of Fatima dies shall the lifeless become pontiff.  The soulless will rule behind the face of the innocent and sacrificial beast, until the spirit of that flesh returns by the Grace of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  And through this terrible duel, which is a fight to the death eternal, the Seat of Peter will be redeemed by the most powerful and wonderful intercession of the Immaculate Heart.  And he, the enemy of salvation, will be defeated not by human or any worldly force, but by the admission of the Truth, through the utterance of his guilt, made possible through the Grace of God.  And the Woman Clothed with the Sun shall have defeated by then with finality, her mortal enemy, by the terrible blow of Her Immaculate Heart to the very heart of the Infernal Dragon.  And the mystery of Iniquity shall have been revealed by then.

Sweet Heart of Mary, be our salvation!

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

No, the Antichrist will not torture Christians, abort babies, uphold homosexual marriages, and consummate all other evils.

Instead, just as Satan hates and tortures in hell those souls who followed him during their earthly lives, he, the Antichrist will come as the ultimate dictator who will purge humanity of their own evil.  He is the necessary evil that evil men deserve.  He will wipe out the Mohammedan cult and all the false religions, exterminate the secret Godless societies, imprison the abortionists, condemn those who uphold homosexual relationships, and in the end cleanse the entire earth with his evil powers. 

He, the Antichrist, is the Awful Judge, and together with his fallen angels, they will execute his terrible  judgement.   Lo and behold, he is the Merciless Supreme Pontiff of the World!  

Woe to the Godless, promoters of abomination, blasphemers, abortionists, murderers, sodomites, adulterers and all evil doers.  They shall all be under the mercy of the merciless.

Therefore, the Pope of Fatima will be God’s last instrument of His Great Love and Mercy.  Those who will believe in his words will be saved from the domination of the Antichrist.  When this Pope is killed, the condemnation of mankind immediately begins. 

The Antichrist will have absolute rule in places where a True Devotion to Mary is not to be found.  They will all be under his absolute enslavement and their blood will be his wine.  He will torture them as Satan tortures their souls in hell.

He is called Antichrist because he is against the Salvation of sinners.  Antichrist is Anti-Salvation.  Woe to those sinners who do not repent for they will become his.  Woe to sinners who do not have a True Devotion to Mary for She is the one and only means of receiving the Divine Grace from Her Son, the Lamb of God, the Crucified Christ.  The Lord gives only through His Mother.  Without the Divine Grace, True Repentance is impossible.  Therefore, only the Woman Clothed with the Sun can save poor sinners because only She can give what is absolutely needed.  Thus, a time will come when everyone will have to choose between the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Antichrist. 

The Faithful – those who have a True Devotion to Mary, will be protected by the Blessed Mother’s intervention during his occupation of the Pontificate.  He will be able to use his demonic powers but only to harm those who do not believe in the Blessed Mother.  His reign will be the first cleansing of the World. 

After his reign, a most terrible phenomenon will occur,  one that will exterminate much of the living at that time.  Based on what i saw two decades ago, I suppose it will have to be a cataclysm of celestial origin. The survivors were too few, no man made weapon could have destroyed humanity to such an extent. Not even the Great War will result to such a devastation.

There will be so few men, so much so that they will be very happy to see each other.  The world will be colder and the sky will be blue in the day but not as bright as we have these days.  Neither is the night as dark as we have now.  A beautiful light will illumine the night skies. Something must have happened to the sky before those times but I don’t know what caused all these things for I just saw it as it already was and not how it came to be.  Much of the lands will be covered by snow.  People will live as extended families and farm as our ancestors did.  Their existence will be dependent solely on their ability to listen to the Voice of God and God will be with them always.

They will remember us with tears, we who lived during these awful days. They will pity us because they will know our terrible sufferings.  They will pray for us and everyone who have died before them.  They will also pray for those who are not yet born.  They will be a generation who will be so intimately united with Jesus and Mary that every act they do will be a prayer to God.  Blessed be that generation!

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Third World War will not erupt until after the exile of the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.   There will be a lengthy and heavily contested Papal Conclave that will fail to elect the next Pope until Our Lady intervenes.  The unexpected will be crowned.  Unexpected as he will be, he will be disliked by many Cardinals.  They will openly defy him by electing their own pope in the person of Benedict XVI.  The True Pope and the Cardinals loyal to the Church will be forced into exile and Benedict XVI and his Cardinals will usurp the Church until the Chastisements fall upon them.

He will come late.  


by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The messages revealed to me were specially centered on the Pontificate, specifically the Last Marian Dogma and the Last Pope.  There were other messages too, but quite few and none ever had dates in them.

I do admit having made prophecies with dates before.  Let me confide to you the whole story.

You see, in September 2008,  after living for 14 years as a visionary, I decided to confide my case to our Bishop in Cebu with the intention of giving up the messages I was revealed with.  I was expecting that His Excellency would tell me that the whole thing I had experienced was evil and that I should stop.  I thought that if His Excellency made a definitive “NO” to my experiences, then I can finally free myself from my obligation as a Marian Visionary, after all, it is the Bishop who has the authority and obligation to approve or condemn apparitions and miracles.  Several Priests have condemned my claims before but I just wanted to have one last consultation, this time with no less than His Excellency himself so I can alleviate my sense of guilt for leaving my mission.  My plan then was to focus on my career as a software engineer and hopefully work abroad for the better pay.

So I finally met his Excellency, Bishop Julito Cortes of Cebu on September 16 2008, exactly 3 years after I founded the one-man organization that promoted Our Lady’s messages to me.  To my surprise and disappointed, his Excellency didn’t condemn what I confided to him.  The only thing he said was that I could get into trouble with Rome for that because the Our Lady of All Nations, to Whom I know Bishop Cortes is also a devotee, had experienced difficulties with Rome simply because of the statement which says “who once was Mary.”.  He concluded our meeting with the instruction that I should momentarily cease from promoting the Dogma and that if Our Lady appears to me again I should immediately see His Excellency.  Now this is not what I expected, for I have set my mind that His Excellency will condemn my experiences and thereby set me free from my mission as a Marian Visionary.  The bottom line was that the Church tossed back the responsibility at me.  

How come priests condemned my claims right away in the clearest terms but now here’s a Prince of the Church, having both responsibility and authority to approve or disapprove me,  who seems to be reluctant to make a decision?  I was therefore on my own again and more bothered than before.   

After several months of contemplation, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.  I thought, well, if the Church doesn’t want to either decide on this then perhaps I’ll find a way to prove or disprove this matter to myself.   

Thus I made up some prophecies which were only “derivatives” from the original messages that were revealed to me, put some dates so nobody has to wait forever – especially me who wanted to know the soonest.  After all, whether proven true or false it didn’t matter anymore,  or so I thought.  If proven false then I can finally free myself from this burden.  If proven right then I can proceed and convince many to propagate the messages and help Our Lady.  It was a win-win situation, or so it seemed.  But I didn’t use my real name though, instead I used an alias for the reason that I somehow, deep inside, I felt what I did was wrong especially for a visionary of the Blessed Mother.

I was of course proven wrong and would have easily moved on, but the words of the Blessed Mother stayed in my heart.  That was really the problem – Our Lady’s messages lived in my heart and soul, as if independent of my human mind.  My human mind told me to quit because I was losing much of my life and my career but Mary stayed and lived in my heart and soul.  I can only doubt her so much but I cannot really deny Her, She is my Queen and Mother of My Lord and God Jesus Christ after all.  

That is why today I am here again as I have been here many years ago.  I have returned because of the Woman Clothed with the Sun. This time I shall not waiver.  A soldier in the rain.

The Third Secret of Fatima

November 2, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Our Lady told me in the 1990s that the Third Secret of Fatima is composed of two parts.  One pertains to a Dogma that will elevate the Blessed Mother to Her highest Honor.  This Dogma honors the Blessed Mother so much that many will be shocked by it, even Bishops and Priests will consider it heretical at first.  The other part pertains to the struggle of the Pope of Fatima against the Antichrist.  The Antichrist will be animated through the dead body of a Saint, a martyred Pope.  The reign of the Antichrist will begin with the interregnum and it will end shortly before the Pope of Fatima is finally laid to rest.

Pope of the Rosary

October 28, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

One afternoon in the 1990′s, while praying the Most Holy Rosary, Our Lady granted me an extraordinary experience.  The Blessed Mother made me witness an unusual Holy Mass and the Holy Father was there.  

I was praying the Rosary one afternoon when Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary spoke to me and brought me to a small and dimly lit room. I saw Our Lady invite young men and women to the gathering.  But only a handful of them joined, and all were young men.  The others seemed afraid, as if they were ashamed to be identified with that gathering.  

The gathering was not a secret one, but neither was it public.  The place where it was held gave me the impression that the situation was as it were during the time when Christians were pursued and killed by the Romans.  They were praying the Rosary in the Holy Mass and Our Lady was in their midst.  Our Lady told me it was a Holy Mass.  Among these young men who seemed to me like young Priests was the future Pope that Our Lady has revealed to me prior.   Our Lady told me that only few knew about this gathering and I understood that even those in that gathering didn’t know that one of them was to be the future Pope of Fatima, except for the future Pope himself.  I believe what I witnessed was both real and symbolic.  By this I mean that I might have seen the Holy Father during Holy Mass and that the rest of what I saw were symbolic to maintain the secrecy of Our Lady’s future Pope.  

The future Pope’s name and nationality were revealed to me earlier and many times thereafter I saw him in visions, dreams, locutions.  He will have to contend with the Antichrist.  It was revealed to me that from his Pontificate will come the Final Blessing and the Final Curse.  From it will come The Final Blessing because the Holy Father will restore the Catholic Church to its Perfection.  From it will come the Final Curse because the Antichrist will overpower the Pope of Fatima after His Holiness has accomplished the restoration and he will rule the World using the authority of the Holy Father.

The mystery is this – the Holy Father will suffer martyrdom and thereafter he will become a victim soul.  Behold,  The Mystery of Iniquity was revealed to this lowly servant ! Woe to all, for when this mystery is finally made manifest and the eyes of all are opened by the Grace of God, all men, Saint or Sinner alike will be filled with sorrow.  Someday, Mankind will come to know of the Great Sacrifice of the Most Holy Spirit.  Someday, men will beat their breasts in great repentance.  They will come to know of the sacrifices of the Holy Angels.  They will turn back from their evil ways.   Someday, Men and Angels will become brothers again, as The Heavenly Father has always wanted it to be.  There will be Peace for a Thousand Years.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

In the early 1990s, I had a vision of the survivors – the generation that will live through the terrible chastisements.  I saw that they were very few and very different from most of us in this generation.  They will be a prayerful people, more meditative (and intuitive?) than most of us today.  They will be very happy and content with the simplest living conditions.   They will always be thinking of us who will be to them the past.  They will also keep thinking  of the future generations.  From their time they will be praying for all humanity, past, present, and future. And unlike us today who are concerned only of our generation and some of the future generation, the survivors will be always conscious of all men – past, present, and future, as if they are tangibly connected to all.

I saw that the world was much colder and there was a sense of joy and melancholy all at the same time. The sky was blue but not so bright.  The wind  was cold and the lands were mostly covered with snow.  I didn’t know what tragedy happened to the World before that for it to come to that state.  Neither can I say that it was the result of a nuclear war because the skies seem to be clear and unpolluted and the whole world seemed to have been totally renewed.   Yet I saw no buildings, not even a trace of them. Maybe, I wasn’t shown the ruins for whatever reason Heaven had.  I said to myself, perhaps a comet did this.

I know that I will not live to see those things for I have been told by Our Lady that I will die at a young age.  But She told me that I will live to witness the Great War, the Restoration of the Catholic Church, the Pope of Fatima and the Antichrist.

If there’s one wish Our Lady will grant me today, I wish my children will live to see those holy and glorious days and remember me in their prayers when they are already there.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The lowly servant of God will go to Rome at a time of the Church’s greatest confusion.  A light from Heaven will precede him and illumine his way, diminishing the infernal darkness that blocks his path. First it will rest upon the Eternal City and from there it will shine upon his face.

Thus, they will send for this lowly servant, who is a living and intimate witness to the Third Secret of Fatima, and they shall listen to his testimony.  Then he shall find himself in the Holy of Holies together with the Sons of God and the Sons of Abomination, where good and evil clash with angelic fury. 

There, the helpless Pope of Fatima awaits the salvific Signs from up High, the testimony of the lowly servant of God. 

Unable to see the future pope directly with his own eyes but moved by the Mother of God, the lowly servant will humbly point his hand towards His Holiness who, by that time, is already with the Cardinals.  Lo and behold, suddenly, the war in Heaven will become a war on Earth and the first sign of  The Immaculate Heart’s Triumph emerges with the election of Her chosen Pope.

The newly elected Pope, out of love and gratitude to the lowly servant and his people, will urge the lowly servant to raise his country’s banner on the balcony of Saint Peter’s on the day of his election.  And when the lowly servant raises the banner, by the Grace of God, His Holiness shall feel its weight upon his shoulder, for he shall love the lowly servant’s people as his very own.  And the lowly servant, with one hand shall raise the banner in tearful triumph while the Holy Father shall put his hand upon his chest and bow down his head in prayerful thanksgiving.

The lowly servant shall present the Church a hidden name, one given long ago by the Queen of Heaven. This name is a man’s name, and that man is the one the Blessed Mother has reserved from among Her suffering people.  The lowly servant will present him to the Church. The Holy Father will uphold whomsoever the lowly servant says is the Standard Bearer because he knows in himself that the Queen of Heaven speaks through the lowly servant. Thus, the Holy Father shall declare a Standard Bearer and he who is raised shall protect the Catholic Church in the Philippines with the power of the Pope behind him. A new Law and a new Government shall be created for a Reign of unprecedented Holiness. And the Standard Bearer has a mate – a Woman of noble birth, she will be second in command and will be his successor. This too has been ordained by the Mother of Christ Our Lord.

Thus, whoever raises that same banner, with the Blessing of the Holy Father and the prayer of the lowly servant, shall become the 16th and last President of the Republic of the Philippines.

And he shall declare this nation as it should be – the Kingdom of God!

Peace be a Thousand Years to this People and to the World !

Reign of the Antichrist

October 20, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The antichrist will reign during the interregnum – after the assassination of the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.  The Archangel Michael, by the grace of God, will overpower the Antichrist and send him back to hell shortly before the Holy Father is finally buried.  Before his fall, the Antichrist will rule the world a few years and he will reap what the Holy Father sow. 

Finally he will sit in Jerusalem, upon the Throne which the Jews will build out of gratitude to the Pope of Fatima.  He will finally be defeated by an exorcism performed by Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart Herself.  The Holy Father will finally die in the tender, loving and merciful arms of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart.

Behold, all of these were revealed to me, the unworthy servant of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

Mary’s Bait

October 18, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Pope of Fatima is the Holy Mother’s bait to hook the Dragon into eternal captivity.  Through the humble sacrifice of this future Pope and the Omnipotent will of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, the ancient serpent will be caught. I saw him take the regnal name that starts with the letter R and thereafter, with his own blood, he wrote the word “Servio” upon his shield.

He is the blessing because he takes upon himself the awful curse.  This is a mystery that when finally revealed in its entirety will scandalize the Catholic Church. This mystery is in the Third Secret of Fatima and is that part which concerns specifically the Holy Father.  The other half of the Third Secret of Fatima is a Marian Dogma which finalizes and perfects the Catholic Faith in preparation for the Second Coming of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ.

Exile To The East

October 17, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I saw the Holy Father being forced to leave Rome by the usurpers of the Church.  He will turn to the East, travel across the ocean and settle in a poor but Catholic nation.  There, he will be adopted as their own kinsman, by a very rich and powerful clan of Chinese ancestry.  In the middle of the Great War he will return to Rome. 

That Nation will be blessed and a new Law will be enacted there, one that pleases God and makes His Church the Ruler of that Land.

Crowned Twice

October 15, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will be crowned twice.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The first attempt of the Pope of Fatima to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will fail.  I saw the Holy Father immediately after his Papal Election hastening and doing everything he can to accomplish the Consecration, but his Pontificate was challenged and the enemies of the Church elected their own pope.  Many of them refused to crown him. I saw that the person they elected was the former pope, Benedict XVI.  The Pope of Fatima was forced into exile.  I saw him praying the Rosary with so many True Catholics in a poor country far from Rome.  And I was told that it was Our Lady of Fatima who sent him there so that he will be safe during the beginnings of the Great War.  

Thus, the Great War will occur because the Consecration of Russia will not be accomplished in time due to the True Pope’s exile.  But Benedict XVI will not live long after his ascent as Antipope.  He will die in the hands of his spiritual children – the modernist and atheist mobs who will plunder Rome and Italy.

The mob will take him to a place where an image of the Virgin Mary stands. There, the mob will mock him and Our Lady.  I saw him kneeling before Our Lady’s image but he could not see Her because his eyes were bleeding. I do not know if he was asking forgiveness for his sins because it seems he was covering his face as if in prayer, shame or perhaps physical pain.  The mob tortured and mocked him until he died.

The sheep will be greeted by two suns but one will set before the rooster stops crowing.

Pope “R . . . “

October 12, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I saw the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima take the regnal name that starts with the letter “R”.  This name was chosen  and given to him by the Blessed Mother. …..Like Moses who died seeing the Promised Land only from afar, the Last Pope will die before the Second Coming of Christ of which he is the herald. He will reconcile Angels and Men and take away the Great Divide which is the Iniquity that made angels fall from the heavens and damned men to hell. He is a True Descendant of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and the Virgin Mary – the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  He will reveal the Last Mysteries of the Catholic Church because he himself is part of the Great Mysteries of the Catholic Church. 

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The end of Pope Francis’ pontificate is at hand.  The next Conclave will take a long time to produce a Pope.  During this Papal Conclave the Final Battle between Mary’s descendants and the Devil’s incarnates will be decided. 

Before Our Lady’s intervention, all their efforts will end in futility, no matter how they plan.   Our Lady will not allow another heretic to snatch the Papacy.  Our Lady once told me that the next Pope has always been all Hers, from his conception to his future martyrdom.

The next Pope to be elected is the Pope who will come face to face with the Antichrist.  It is during his reign that Satan will be animated and will sit on the Throne of Saint Peter.  Before that, this Pope will leave Rome due to the persecution by the Antipope and his followers.  This Antipope will usurp material Rome as he did before in his previous reign.  The abomination that he brought to the Church will be purged through a Third World War.  The Antipope is Benedict XVI.

In the middle of the terrible war the Holy Father will return to Rome.  Our Lady will bless him and he will be able to accomplish Our Lady’s command.  Finally, the Church will be restored.  Thereafter, the Holy Father will offer himself as a sacrifice to Our Lady for the atonement of sins committed against the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary.  He will be martyred and immediately upon his death the Antichrist will take over his Pontificate.  The Antichrist will refuse the burial of the Holy Father’s remains.  His body will be desecrated by the Antichrist, just as the Holy Catholic Church has been desecrated by Satan’s minions, the modernist and liberals.

The sheep will suffer the birth of two Popes, but the Antipope will die before the rooster stops crowing.

The Coming Papal Election

October 6, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Our Lady of Fatima will intervene in the coming Papal Conclave.  By then, the Third Secret of Fatima will be already known to the Cardinal Electors.  He who enters last shall come out first.  He who comes out first shall be living proof of the words of the Irish Saint. The whole world will be filled with awe for the Pope to be elected will come as a total surprise to all.  I saw him take a name that starts with the letter “R”.  He was not the one who chose it but it was the Queen of Heaven and Earth who gave him that name.

Then the Great War erupts.  It happens when the Church is divided and appears to have two popes, the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima versus the Antipope.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The 16nth Philippine President, successor of Benigno Simeón Cojuangco Aquino III, will be assassinated in Israel on the same day as the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.  Upon his death, I see a lady in her early forties, who will succeed him.  She comes from a noble family of Chinese descent.  By that time, she would have been twice a widow. She will become a religious and political leader of this nation. Today, the nation sees her but its people do not know who she really is.  By the Grace of God she will return to the Catholic Faith.

Star of Davidby: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Behold, I saw the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.  He wore the Star of David on his right arm. And I was told that The Holy Catholic Church is awaiting the conversion of Israel and thus She will never allow anything or anyone to destroy this beloved nation.  It says, whoever will wage a battle against Israel will have to wage a war against the entire Catholic world. The Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will become Israel’s greatest defender.  Because of this, Israel will rise from the ruins and her enemies will be completely destroyed by the Holy Father’s Roman Army.  The victorious army is one that raises the Banner of Mary.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Antichrist will be born when and where the Pope of Fatima diesThrough where he saw he will see, but see only half his world.Through where he felt he will feel, but love he will not.

My Visions & Locutions

September 29, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

In August of 1994, Our Blessed Mother appeared to me in a vision and thereafter granted me several visions and locutions concerning the Catholic Church. In particular, the most urgent messages revealed to me concern the Third Secret of Fatima, the Papacy, the True Antichrist and the End Times. [ read more ]

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Benedict XVI will die in the hands of a mob.  Blind, he will be taken near an image of Our Lady.  He will be kneeling before Our Lady’s image but he will not see Her for his eyes will suffer injuries inflicted upon him by the mob.  Benedict XVI will cry tears of blood.  This will happen on the day of reckoning, for he saw the Third Secret but refused to reveal it as commanded by Our Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  The damage to the Catholic Church that Benedict XVI will have caused by then will necessitate Heaven to purge mankind through a Great War.

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Through the barrel of a gun,
piercing sight and mind at once,

the infernal reign shall come,
when Our Lady’s Pontiff dies in haste,
a willing victim for the Holy Cause he pays.

the body deprived by fallen angel of proper wake,
a few years damned for evil’s sake,
the holy corpse usurped, for the success of enemy’s works,
the faithful sob but mankind’s rest applause.

forced to speak blasphemy
and outrage under tyranny,
from the very mouth that begged for God’s salvation,
comes the awful cries of abomination.

its faithful angel having departed,
the lifeless church is freely desecrated,
until the end when succor comes,
from the pure of love shall this evil succumb,
awake the True Pope for his taking,
eternal crown to him, the faithful and true is given.

and finally the body to rest is laid,
amid the sobs and holy cheers,
The Holy Father of the world and the Emperor of their land,
is now united with their Ancestor, the God the Son.

Peace be a Thousand Years!


 Prayer Petition for the Philippines to Saint Michael the Archangel.  Arise o Great Prince of the Heavenly Host, we beseech Thee, protect the Catholic Church in the Philippines against the snares and plans of Her enemies.   O Great Commander of God’s heavenly forces, strike Thy enemies we beg of Thee.  Put fear upon the hearts of them the false preachers  that they may fear Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother and Queen Mary, and their one and only Catholic Church.  May the ground tremble by your God given power, may the edifices they built to glorify their idol, which they use to boast against the Power and Authority of the One and Only True Church  fall upon them and their wickedness. May the ground open up to swallow them and their lies that their evil works may finally end, and together with it may also end the persecution against  Our Holy Mother Church.  Free our nation from all false religions O Faithful One of God we petition Thee. These we ask for the sake of the Catholic Church in the Philippines who suffers so much  on account of the enumerable diabolic attacks from within and from without.  O Great Defender of Mary Our Queen, The Church, and of our True Faith, arise for us Your Little Ones!

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Arise o Great Prince of the Heavenly Host, we beseech Thee, protect the Catholic Church in the Philippines against the snares and plans of Her enemies.

O Great Commander of God’s heavenly forces, strike Thy enemies we beg of Thee.  Put fear upon the hearts of them, the false preachers, that they may fear Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother and Queen Mary, and that they may bother us, the One True Catholic Church in the Philippines, no more.

May the ground tremble by your God given power, may the edifices they built to glorify their idol, which they use to boast against the Power and Authority of the One and Only True Church fall upon them and their wickedness. May the ground open up to swallow them and their lies that their evil works may finally end, and together with it may also end the persecution against Our Holy Mother Church.

Free our nation from all false religions O Faithful One of God we petition Thee. These we ask for the sake of the Catholic Church in the Philippines who suffers so much on account of the enumerable diabolic attacks from within and from without.

O Great Defender of Mary Our Queen, The Church, and of our True Faith, arise for us Your Little Ones!

Papal Omen

July 23, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

“ In a vision I saw, the Holy Father, the one I saw in previous visions as the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima, he was asleep and his right hand was being pulled by what seems to be a black bird, and as this was happening, reptile-like scales started to cover his right hand and arm. And it was said that the enemy will do everything to transform the Last Pope into a reptile-like beast which will be accomplished through an assassination. The Holy Father will offer himself to God and thereafter, it will all come to pass as his ultimate sacrifice.“  

The Gate of Heaven

July 7, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

I saw outside the Gate of Heaven a multitude of men and women who were not Catholics but who were said to be “relatively” good during their earthly lives, yet not one of them were allowed into the Kingdom for Saint Michael and Saint Peter defended the entrance with all their might.

And I saw them wander aimlessly into the void, outside the Eternal City, where now and then, infernal creatures snatched them and threw them into the bottomless pit.  

Joseph Ratzinger will return as an uncanonically elected Pope right after the Papal Election of the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Relocation of Rome

June 22, 2014

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

The Pope of Our Lady of Fatima will be the last Pontiff to reign in Rome. After his pontificate, the center of Christianity will be relocated elsewhere in a place the world least expects. In that nation where the Holy Father and his Bishops will find a new home, there will be a newly crowned King and Queen, where before there was none.  A truly Christian dynasty will reign in that land for a thousand years. The whole world will be ruled by Kings and Queens who are totally dedicated to Christ and His Mother.  The end of the age of democracy and all its satanic subtleties has come and the age of God’s Dynasties will replace it.

Murder in Rome

June 12, 2014

“… Sacrilege, blasphemy and outrage will ever increase under Francis and until the end of Benedict XVI who will return as Anti-pope. The true pope will be in exile during the first half of the coming war. Francis will be murdered by his former allies… Benedict XVI by a mob, the Pope of Fatima by agents of the Anti-Christ.

Thus, from Francis until the end of Anti-christ, three persons will die by murder and one by the Word of God. But lo and behold, only three will be buried !”

“… Rome will reveal (admit) the True Third Secret of Fatima before the next Papal Conclave and Benedict XVI will return as Anti-Pope to challenge the canonically elected Pope. He will die a cruel death in the hands of a mob during the early stages of the great war. The Pope of Fatima will be in exile until the middle part of the great war when he shall return to Rome and restore the Church. After the restoration, the Pope of Fatima will die through an assassination and immediately thereafter, the Anti-Christ will rule the world. The True Church will be scattered and in most places hidden from then onwards, until the return of our Lord and God Jesus Christ…“


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