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Father Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Priest

May 4, 1942 — April 29, 2015

Before my country seats a new King, there will be a new Pope, for it is the Church, led by the Pope, who will enthrone our new King. Then it shall come to pass that the Pope will be exiled and be taken cared of in my country. 

My government will take care of His Holiness, because it was the Church who enthroned the President.  My countrymen will rejoice, for it is the Holy Father’s Presidency.  True Faith will reign supreme in my country. The President will follow His Holiness in everything he does.  This will all begin as we near the time of the Greatest War in the history of humanity.

A most bloody war is already upon us but this is just the beginning of the Chastisements.  I saw many years ago that only a very few people will survive the Chastisements.  The Earth will be like it was hundreds of years ago. It will be devoid again of modern technology.  Men will live like in ancient times, yet this time, God will reign supreme in their lives.

Let us pray even more, as we near the election of the next Pope.  He is the promised Pope of Our Lady, the Pope of Fatima. He was revealed to me as the Last Pope. 

O Most Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our salvation!

Pope “R…”

April 28, 2015

A name starting with the letter “R”, known to all yet not anyone’s, will he be called. God will part the sea again!

As Pope he will be exiled before he will reign supreme.

The first casualty of the war, in death he will achieve victory before he is finally buried.

In life he will serve, in death he will dictate, in both he will be Supreme Pontiff.

He shall come as quick and as bright as a shooting star, and in death he shall leave a crater filled with the blood
of his enemies – the enemies of the Holy Mother Church.

In life he will forgive and embrace peace, in death he will judge and wage war. Therefore, embrace him while he is alive so that you shall be counted as among the saved.  For he is as terrible in death as he is merciful in life.

Bear The Holy Cross by praying the Most Holy Rosary, O you faithful children, for the Rosary is the indestructible link that connects you to God as it is the unbreakable chain that binds your enemy to hell.

Do not delay your repentance for the day is near when both Salvation and Damnation shall be executed by One Man. True Devotion to Mary is your Salvation, its absence is your Damnation!

First he shall save, then he shall judge!   It will be a Pontificate of a day and a night.

Mystery of the Last Pope

April 10, 2015

Upon Saint Peter’s Throne will be seated the unusual. His ascent not in centuries.

He will take the regnal name which begins with the letter “R”, a name least expected.

Alive, he will embrace the Holy Cross.  Dead, he will wield the Sword.  Thus, his image shall be a testament to his martyrdom and their cruelty.  Therefore, with one eye he will have to save his people and with the other he will have to annihilate the nations.

His Pontificate shall be a day and a night. But during the night he will conquer its darkness so that when the dawn comes, the next day will never turn to night again – for a Thousand Years!

The Love of You My God

April 5, 2015

My God, my God, may I lose all but the love of You,
and if I have lost it too, may I love You again and this time even more, So that each moment I shall love You until I myself become totally “The Love of You”.

A Soldier in the Rain

April 5, 2015

I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’ 

Until that day of his election, I am but a fool to many.  Only when The Woman Clothed with the Sun raises Her chosen Pontiff will this lowly servant be vindicated.

I have walked through the years in this solitary journey, keeping in the depths of my heart Our Lady’s Secrets concerning Her Chosen Pope.  I have no one to turn to for not even the saintly will believe me.  I have left everything, every earthly dream a man could have, though sometimes I admit to pretend to have one, just to appease family and friends. I live only for this mission.

Today I stand alone, still alone, with nothing to prove what I have lived for all these years. Still a fool to many, yet I cherish this sweet humiliation if only to be nearer my Crucified Savior.  I cherish this solitude and isolation from the world for these bring me closest to God.

I await the Election of His Holiness, the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima. He is the Last Pope that I have spoken about many times.  He is the Pope who will Consecrate Russia and the only Pope who can because the Consecration of Russia itself is spiritually connected to his own consecration.  I know who he is and I saw his ordination. 

Please pray for the promised Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.

I reiterate, the Consecration of Russia is directly related to and is in part, a consequence of the Consecration of the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.  This is part of the Secret though not written in it. As to why this is so, pray and let Divine Wisdom guide you and prepare to keep everything hidden in your heart until the moment that everything must be revealed.

I have spoken many times about this, but for the sake of His Holiness, the Pope of Fatima, some details must be kept. It is for him, the future Pope, that I keep my faithful vigil, revealing some secrets which Our Lady has given me but only those that She allows me. Those that need not be shared for now must be kept hidden in my heart until the day Our Lady commands this lowly servant of Hers to reveal Her chosen Pope.

Remember this, He who will Consecrate Russia must first be Consecrated. I say again… He who will Consecrate Russia must first be Consecrated.
Behold, it will be an Election never been for centuries.  In the darkest moment of the Church, when it seems the Light is totally extinguished, there shall shine a Light brighter than anything since the days of Christ Our Lord. On that Great Day of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima will send Her “Un-consecrated” before the Princes of the Church.

On that day, the least shall become the greatest and the proud shall be humbled.

The Pope of Fatima will be the first casualty of the Chastisement that is already unfolding.  This is not a chronological first, but that his suffering and martyrdom is an unavoidable result of the Chastisement.  Like his Lord who is the Passover Lamb and in humble imitation of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ, he too, in his nothingness, is like a “little” Passover Lamb.  Through his death, his people will be preserved and the Catholic Church will be protected from the wrath of the Antichrist who will rule the World with an Iron Rod.

Behold, he will be remembered by the generations to come after him as he was prophesied by the Saints; with justice he judges and wages war.

The death of the Pope of Fatima will be followed by a long interregnum which will last several years.  It is during this time that the Antichrist will purify the whole World and when the Catholic Church will reign supreme from then onwards.

Remember this.  This prophecy will come to pass when the Pope of Fatima is martyred and when on that same day the Philippine President is murdered. 

Behold, when the time comes for my prophecies to be fully understood, many mouths shall be sealed.  The curse has to be consummated for the blessing to be fully received.

Today’s news about Russia and Europe reminds me of what Our Lady once told me some two decades ago.  

It was in the early 1990’s that my life as Our Lady’s visionary started.  Among the many things that She revealed to me was that I will live to see the reign of the Last Pope and the consummation of the Chastisements but that I will not live long enough to see the Second Coming of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ.  I will die at a rather young age.

At that time I was in my early 20s and Russia and the West had just started to become good friends.  Because of that, many thought, including me, that the Third World War may never happen anymore.  So, because of those contradictions, among some other reasons, I kept all of Our Lady’s messages to myself. It was only in 2005 after Sister Lucia’s death that I revealed Our Lady’s messages.  Besides, much of the messages were either critical of the Clergy, especially those in Rome, or revealed a Marian Dogma which I knew many in the Church will consider as a blasphemy, if not an outrage. Even some of my own kin, devout Catholics, despised me for my devotion to this Marian Dogma.

Today, in my early 40’s, I face a world exactly as Our Lady has said it would be -a Russia ready to annihilate many nations and an ungrateful Western World that keeps on mocking God.  I see only spiritual death.  The people are bright but they have no concern for God and the Church.  Almost everyone is so earthly that any talk of morality and religion is met with contempt.

When there are tragedies everyone says “pray, pray”.  But I look at them and realize how pretentious they are. They are just like the dead rocks of the cliffs that unintentionally echo our cries. Worthless!  They don’t mean a thing.

Even in my own country, which is predominantly Catholic, the Church suffers much.  Fewer and fewer are raising their voices against abortion, homosexual marriages, and materialism.  The Filipinos are defining their own god so that they can remain to appear religious even in their most evil state.

I look around, always, and everyday, hoping to find someone who cares for the Church for such a discovery brings a certain joy to one struggling soul, but then I would only realize how few have truly remained faithful to Our Lady and Her Son, Our Lord and God Jesus Christ.  True Christians are getting fewer and fewer by the day.  But I know that Our Lady will not wait until all Her Faithful Children are all gone.   When we cross the deepest and most turbulent part of the sea, that’s when Our Holy Mother will save us with a miracle.  Salve Regina!  Salve Regina!

As I have said before, the validly elected Pope, who will be elected after Francis, will be overthrown by Benedict XVI who will return to claim the Papacy.  I saw the Consecration of Russia being delayed and only actualized after Benedict XVI’s death.  Upon the Antipope’s death, I saw the Pope of Fatima immediately succeed him in ruling Rome for he was the True Pope and most of those who helped Benedict XVI to overthrow His Holiness into exile also died in the hands of the mob.  Immediately he convened all the Bishops.

The Pope of Fatima will rebuild the World using the power of the Antichrist which he will conquer by the Divine Grace of the Woman Clothed with the Sun – for the authority and power of fallen angels, having been taken away from them by God upon their fall, will now be given to Peter who himself must first conquer the infernal angels as a victim soul.

Thus, there will be a Final Battle, not between mortal armies but between Angels and Demons.  It will happen not in the skies, not in the lands, not in the seas, but in the Person of the Last Pope – the Heart of the Catholic Church!

From his mouth shall be uttered the Blessing, the Curse, the Repentance.  From Her mouth shall come the Forgiveness and Eternal Reconciliation.

He shall be victorious because of Mary, Woman Clothed with the Sun.

These were revealed to me by Our Blessed Mother many years ago.

Why Consecrate Russia ?

March 13, 2015

Our Lady told me that for everything and everyone that God created, there exist also an angel whose task it is to guide and protect that thing or person.  That is why we each have a guardian angel.  Even for each family, Parish, and nation, there exist a guardian angel.

In the case of Russia, God ordained it to be a Great and Holy Nation and therefore assigned Saint Michael to take care of it, to be its Prince and Guardian Angel.

However, there is a problem – Russia is not Roman Catholic.  Thus, because Russia as a nation is technically outside the Church, Saint Michael cannot guide her as a nation.

Now Our Lady told me, that anything that is supposedly of and for God but is diverted for other purposes becomes that of the devil. In this case, since Russia can’t be Saint Michael’s, then it becomes Satan’s, who is his Arch-rival.

The more important something is to God, the more that Satan will do everything to posses it. Russia will become so evil because it should have been so Holy in the first place – but nothing can become Holy outside of the Holy Mother Church!  Now Satan controls Russia and he is doing everything to use Russia against the Holy Mother Church and the World.

Thus, Russia has become the instrument of Satan and as such it can only bring death and destruction to the human race.  Only when Russia becomes Catholic can this poor nation be guided by Saint Michael the Archangel.  Only when it is Saint Michael who guides Russia will this nation become a blessing to the world.

Our Lady said that through the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, She will be able to convert it to the Catholic Faith which at the same time will empower Saint Michael the Archangel as its Guardian Angel.  

Is Russia the most evil country in the World?  No!  This is not what I was told.

God allowed Russia to fall so that the Evil Western Nations will be punished.  Russia is God’s instrument of Chastisement but she should have been a gift for mankind. A great gift from God has become a curse for mankind because of mankind’s rebellion.

It is the sum of mankind’s sinfulness that has brought Russia to that state and it is also the same reason for Rome which God has allowed to fall. 

Russia was created by God to be among the Holiest of the Nations and someday upon the Triumph of the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary, Russia will shine with the Divine Light of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

She will be Holy Russia, Consecrated to the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary !

Therefore, do not point at Russia with blame but rather repent from your own sinfulness and then pray for this poor nation. 

We all, because of our sinfulness, have contributed to the fall of Rome and of Russia. 

We have weakened the Pope and our Clergy by our indifference to the call to holiness.  We are to blame.  Let us all repent!

Prayer and Penance, Prayer and Penance !

NOTE: I wish to write more about this in the future as I am currently having a hard time expressing what I experienced many years ago.  Hopefully soon if it pleases God.

It is not true at all that Celibacy was just a matter of discipline for the Priests.  No, it is not!  

Our Blessed Mother told me many years ago, during that time when I wanted to become a priest myself,  that Celibacy for the Priest was a matter of “Function”.  

Our Queen said that it was necessary for the Priest to abstain from the sexual act in order for the Holy Mother Church to conceive the Sons and Daughters of God, who are the Saints.  

She said that True Catholics are not conceived by the flesh but by the Spirit of God and that in order for such Divine intervention to occur, God requires that Holy Priests abstain from the procreative act. Their self-sacrifice become the vessel by which The Most Holy Spirit blesses the Holy Mother Church with the birth of the Saints.
Celibacy, according to Divine Providence, multiplies the sons and daughters of Mary, who are made in the likeness of Jesus Christ Our Lord.   Thus, because of this, a Holy Priest in fact has many TRUE children – these are his spiritually fathered children.  These are children that are born out of the Will of God and not by his own human will.

Just as the Holy Priest perpetuates the Absolute Sacrifice of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ through the Holy Mass, he also multiplies the number of God’s children by sacrificing his own procreative faculty in favor of Spiritual Conception.
This is not to say that Saints are Immaculate, but that they were born of the Most Holy Spirit and not of the flesh.

Our Lady also told me that Heaven is just waiting for the birth and martyrdom of the last of the Saints because there is a definite number of Saints that God has ordained. After that the end will come for this present age since the building of God’s New Kingdom will have been accomplished.  Then the Thousand Years of Peace will begin.  This is the era of the New Jerusalem !  Praise be to Our Lord and God Jesus Christ !

He will be martyred in the Land of his ancestors which to him is foreign.  There, his sanctified body will remain unburied until the fullness of the Angelic Rebellion is confronted while entrapped within him, and absolute triumph is achieved through the genuine admission of their guilt before The Woman Clothed With The Sun. 

With the intimate assistance of The Most Immaculate Heart of Mary, he will arise in stages from his sleep, destroying the Evil One in each step of the way until the Absolute Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

He will appear to conquer the entire World after his death during which evil will be made to destroy its own so that Mankind will be purged and freed from the infernal species and their evil works.

With an iron scepter he will dictate for the Glory of God and the salvation of True Christians.

No one will be able to stand against him for his family is heaven and his army is hell.

The humble flesh, sanctified by the Divine Grace of The Woman Clothed With The Sun through the martyrdom of Her Pontiff, will triumph over the Antichrist.

The Pope from nowhere

March 1, 2015

If there is anything in our time that could match the Celestial Miracle of the dancing sun at Fatima in 2017, it is no other than the ascent of Our Lady’s promised Pontiff. His Pontificate will only be realized through the intercession of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  A miracle of miracles, that is what it is.

He shall travel to Rome from a place where there has been no pope yet.  His Election comes after the Church’s admission of the Third Secret of Fatima which will happen at a time when the whole world and the Church face the threat of annihilation through a great war.

He is a Lowly Priest gifted with the Divine Grace of the Woman Clothed with the Sun and always intimately guided by Her.  He was Ordained according to Her Divine Providence. 

He is a most loyal and firm advocate of Our Lady of Fatima and many in the world see him today but only through their spiritually-blind eyes.  He is the Secret of the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary and he himself knows that he is the Pope of Fatima for Our Lady revealed that to him before he received his Priesthood decades ago. 

His Pontificate will end in his martyrdom which is his most intimate gift and promise to Our Lady.  It will coincide also with the death of a Philippine President for when the Holy Father goes to battle, this President who owes everything to His Pontificate will also go to battle for the Church.  This President will die on the same day as the Pope of Fatima is martyred. 

When the Pope of Our Lady dies, his humanity, which Our Lady has formed since his Conception will be possessed by the Antichrist.  Thus, there shall be a Great Battle between the humanity of a soul formed by Mary Immaculate and the spirit of pride who is the Antichrist.  

And through this great battle, The Woman Clothed with the Sun will crush the Serpent’s head.  Her Immaculate Humanity, through Her Pope, will conquer Spiritual Pride with finality.  

Only the Immaculate Heart of Mary can reconcile angels and men – mystery of mysteries.

And the Thousand Years of Peace will have begun !

Many times in the past, Our Lady told me how sad and worried She was for my country.  She told me that if our nation does not change its protestant, anti-Catholic Church stance, an apocalyptic transformation will occur.  She said that only Her Immaculate Heart can save our nation just as She saved us during the EDSA People Power Revolution.  Any governance not obedient to the Catholic Church will cause evil to flourish in the Philippines and ultimately force Heaven to send Angels to purify this nation.

If this nation does not change, a great City and so many lives will be lost.  It will be so terrible that the whole world will again be awakened for a time.  It is coming as the dawn. 

The Last Pope and the Antichrist was revealed to me in the early 1990s.

The True Prophet and the False Prophet will reign during one Pontificate. They are one body but two different spirits. In truth, the Pope of Fatima, who is the Last Pope, is the True Prophet.  But he will be murdered and upon his death, in an instant, the Antichrist will take over him, usurping everything that is his, and thereby transforming the True Prophet to a False Prophet.  The people will think that he is still the one, yet he is not the one.  Thus is the mystery of Fatima.  It is the animation of the Antichrist through the dead body of the Pope of Fatima, who will be Martyred for the Church.

From where and when there is none, He will enter Rome as his Heavenly Mother’s lowly Priest. He will enter it after it has been closed and they themselves shall open it from the inside.  He will be last. He who enters last exits first. He is the promise of the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary.  He is the Pope of Fatima, the Last Pope.

He will be crowned twice. 

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

His reign will last a long time because even after his martyrdom, the Pope of Fatima will still appear to be the Pope.  It is after his death that his enemies will be destroyed. 

The Church will be restored and heretics will be annihilated in a war that they themselves have conceived.  The Pope of Fatima will appear to be in the forefront of this Great War to save the Church. 

At that time, those evil armies will be like the body of the Great Serpent who will have to fight against their own head for the Woman Clothed with the Sun will use the Antichrist against his own army.

Chained by the Power of Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary and with the obedient self sacrifice of the Last Pope, he will be forced to destroy his infernal legions scattered around the world. 

These shall all come to pass before the Pope of Fatima, who is the Last Pope, shall finally be laid to rest. This is a mystery in the Secret of Fatima. 

Meditate on these prophecies.  If you understand all of these, be united with His Holiness through your prayer and penance. Pray for him. He has much to suffer. 

Mary, Our Mother

February 15, 2015

O Mary Our Mother, please give me eyes that see only Your vision, that I may see every person as my own child and therefore love each one of them as You do.

O Mary, Sweet Divine Love, enslave my heart and subdue my earthly passions, that I may love only as You did, for Jesus Christ alone!

O Mary, take my life and everything that I love and is mine, for only that which are Yours – are of God.

– dominic lerias sanchez

The Lowly Priest

February 10, 2015

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

The Queen of heaven will send from Her Immaculate Heart, a person, who first and foremost is a lowly priest, whom She has taken cared of from the very beginning.   He was Ordained according to Her Divine Will and has remained humbly as so, ever loyal and faithful to His Queen and Mother. 

The world will experience many misfortunes towards his ascent to the Papacy.  The Philippines in turn will suffer a terrible chastisement which is a Divine retribution for its government’s un-Catholic reign.  A Central City will be lost and several others ruined.  When this happens, know that the Pope of Fatima is about to be revealed.

After these events, the lowly servant will go to Rome to bear his testimony, for it was to him that the Woman Clothed with the Sun revealed the identify of the Last Pope, who is Her chosen Pontiff.

The Pope of Fatima will come to the Philippines at the prodding of the lowly servant and he will raise to be their leader, a truly Catholic person, who in turn will lead the Philippines during the Time of Troubles.  There, during the early days of his Pontificate, His Holiness will take refuge and will be taken cared of by its people and government.

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

The City will suffer a terrible calamity.  From North to South everyone will mourn and almost no one between them remembers.  The City will forget itself and a New One will have to be born.  These shall all come to pass before the Election of Our Lady’s Pontiff.

From the ruins shall arise the lowly servant, who shall bear witness to the Truth of Fatima.  He will identify for the Church of God, Our Lady’s Pope, who until the lowly servant’s testimony shall remain unknown and unexpected.
For the lowly servant and his people, the new Pontiff shall give a Great Blessing, in the form of a Standard Bearer for the persecuted Catholic Church in the Philippines. 

Be glad therefore, for the time is near, when the Philippines shall be led by a man who is Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and truly devoted and obedient to the Papacy. And this lowly servant shall bear witness to him too, so that his Presidency will be blessed by the Woman Clothed with the Sun and his people will survive the coming Chastisements. 

Thus someday, I shall bear witness to His Holiness, the Pope of Fatima, and to His Excellency, the President of the Philippines.  And Our Lady promised me that before I shall die, I shall bear witness to the Martyrdom of the Pope of Fatima and the President of the Philippines, who will both die on the same day in a foreign land.  These were revealed to me many years ago by the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

He who will Consecrate Russia must himself be Consecrated first and no one else but him is Divinely Ordained to accomplish this task.  Thus, it will not be a matter of choosing the best and brightest among the candidates but rather it is about electing the person whom the Blessed Virgin Mary has chosen for the Church.  This is intrinsic to the mystery of Fatima and will be understood upon his election.

He will enter Rome not as a victorious conqueror but as a vanquished lover for he knows that his Pontificate is both a blessing and a curse upon himself.  It was only for the love of God that he has accepted his fate.  It is a blessing because he is the Pope of Fatima.  It is a curse for the same reason. He who will save will be condemned.  He who will slay the Antichrist must himself be slain.

He will enter the Holy City without a princely robe.  Unknown yet already seen, unheard yet already spoken,  he will ascend upon the Throne like lightning on a clear and sunny day.  Immediately the enemy will be scattered but they will regroup.  They will elect their own pope but the wrath of God will be upon them.  A deluge of godless men whom they themselves created will consume them.  Rome will be inundated by the very evil that its modernist clergy fathered.

There is no more turning back.  When a City of a Catholic Country in Asia is brought to its knees, know that the time of the Pope of Fatima has come.

The Final Battle

February 1, 2015

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

Our Lady’s Triumph will be consummated by the martyrdom of Her promised Pontiff, the Pope of Fatima.  He will Consecrate Russia and restore the Holy Mother Church to Her True Holiness and Glory. 

When he has done everything according to the wishes of his Queen and Mother, the Infernal Dragon shall overcome him and he shall be killed in the Holy City. 

His death shall mark the Dragon’s final defeat for immediately he will enthrone himself upon the Chair of St. Peter but it is there upon that Holy Throne that he will be vanquished by the Woman Clothed with the Sun. 

Thus all his powers will become Hers and these the Woman Clothed with the Sun will use to defend Her descendants, those who follow the teachings of Her Son, Our Lord and God Jesus Christ.  Therefore he will destroy much, but only much of his own.  Evil will destroy its own works on earth.

Thus, the enemies of the Church will be destroyed after the death of Our Lady’s Pontiff.  When the Antichrist sits in Rome, know that the First Great Purging is about to occur.  After that there shall be another one which shall come directly from above and which will finally annihilate what is left of the infernal species.

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

Many times in the 1990’s, Our Lady told me how sad She was for the way the Holy Mass was being offered and most especially for the indifference of high ranking Clergy regarding this matter.  Our Lady also showed me an image of then Pope John Paul II and She told me how so possessed by evil he has become. At that moment my eyes were opened and I saw Pope John Paul II’s true face. It was very evil.  Yet then and until now the world praises him.  If only their eyes will be opened, they will shudder in disgust and terror upon the sight of Pope John Paul II’s true face.

I know that nobody should judge others, much less should anyone judge a Pope.  Therefore, I will not judge him.   But I will tell you what was revealed to me many times before (in the 1990’s).  By revealing this to you I am not judging him for this is not my own words but rather the words of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary who revealed these to me not just once but on several occasions.  Our Lady said that Pope John Paul II was in fact bound to hell and that he was a devil’s incarnate.  Our Lady also showed me and told me of similar things concerning Pope Paul VI.

Thus, as a Marian Visionary, I strongly warn everyone from praying to this man. He is no Saint! He is in Hell.

The Last Rulers of Rome

January 27, 2015

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

At this point in can be said that Rome will change rulers a third time before the reign of the Antichrist.  First the Pope of Fatima will be elected at a time when the Chastisement begins to engulf both the Church and the whole world.   Second, Benedict XVI will return as the Antipope and will cause the Pope of Fatima to be exiled in Asia.  He will die in the hands of atheists and immediately the Pope of Fatima will be enthroned a second time.  Third, the Pope of Fatima will be murdered by agents of the Antichrist and upon his death, in a heartbeat, he will enthrone himself upon the Seat of Saint Peter. 

Locked Doors will be Opened

January 22, 2015

by: dominic lerias sanchez (falar)

That which is locked from the outside will be opened from the inside.  He who was their subject, by the Grace of God will become their prince.  He will be crowned twice – first before the Antipope reigns, second before the Antichrist comes.  He will lead the Church and wage a terrible war against both of them, one at a time.  He will be victorious in the end of each of his great battles.  He is expected by everyone yet will surprise all.  He who enters the Conclave and remembers that he is, more than anything else, a Priest of Mary, is the promised Pope of Our Lady of Fatima.


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