Can I dream beyond my dream?

May 16, 2010

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

Can I dream beyond my dream?
Or am I just a wanderer in someone else’s sleep?

Can I still have a little of me to give to you,
even when I have nothing to hold on to?

Where am I and where are you,
when sleepiness fades as the shadows?

Must I never sleep again
for all my dreams fade with them?
Or should I close my eyes
and suffer you go?

Can I give you away
and dream of lies all my waking day?
Or should I put this life to end
so all my dreams come true?

No, I will never let you go.
I’ll keep on dreaming as dreamers do,
until someday,
we will both be in a dream
by only me and you.

One Response to “Can I dream beyond my dream?”

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