How long O Lord, without Thy grace can we still remember Thee?

March 22, 2013

by: Dominic Lerias Sanchez (Falar)

50 years have passed since the dawn of Vatican II, that awful council that opened the Church’s doors to the pilgrims from hell, the fanatics of the Cult of Man.  Today, the Holy Roman Catholic Church faces total annihilation as only a few souls remain spiritually alight, their faith like little candles flickering in an endless sea of spiritual death and darkness. 

I was born in the 1970’s, in the era of the most apocalyptic transformation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and grew up in the Great Age of Decadence, where the spiritual needs of the faithful were nurtured by running priests, singing cardinals, and dancing popes. 

How far have we strayed, for I still cannot see the light over the far horizon?  It is getting even darker as more and more of our brethren’s faith are extinguished. Now every devout Catholic is on his own.  Reinforcement is a hope against hope or so it seems for the heavens are as dark as the deepest seas. We must be in mankind’s darkest moments, navigating the empty expanse of time and space without a clear destination in mind. Can we make it, make it to where?

In the absence of our shepherds and in the midst of our enemies, we make a desperate cry unto Heaven in the hopes that our petitions will pierce through the dark clouds of Divine Wrath, but so too is the howl of fallen men so loud that it thunders a thousand blasphemies unto The Throne of God, darkening the skies even more with the fumes of their infernal rage.

The scattered survivors cling to The Last Known Recourse, The Most Holy Rosary of Mother Mary and The Consecration to Her Most Immaculate Heart. Now the bravest of the bravest stand, this is a fight to the death, a battle between two opposed civilizations.

Meanwhile, here and there, the clergy fall one by one.  They take with them poor souls en masse as they join the horde of the living dead. Heresies abound, sacrilege  perpetuated, outrage glorified,  as men of no faith and love of God ascend our ranks. 

The Dogma of Faith is trod upon but only few dare stand before the assaults against The Holy Mother Church, as if everyone else assents to Her destruction.  So few have kept the faith these days that the meaning of the words “God’s Elect” comes to mind with profound absoluteness.  Indeed, as it is, only those predestined by Divine Providence can survive these diabolic assaults.

I pray O Lord that Thou in Thine Infinite Mercy, grant us Thy Faithful, the Light of Thy Presence, that even though scattered, greatly outnumbered and confused, we may recover ourselves and our fallen brethren, and bring everyone home to the absolute safety and eternal joy of Thy company.  Amen.

2 Responses to “How long O Lord, without Thy grace can we still remember Thee?”

  1. Dolorosa Says:

    Dominic, the sheep are scattered, but we are not alone. Keep close to the Blessed Mother, pray the Rosary, and wear the Brown Scapular. God bless you! We need more catholics to wake up and speak out like you. Sadly, many have fallen into apostasy, and have chosen the easy way and the wide road to destruction.

  2. dominic Says:

    Thank you Dolorosa. Please pray for me to and everyone else. .. always including you too in my humble prayers.

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